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Weltvogelpark Walsrode

Walsrode, Am Vogelpark

This adventure will give you wings! You will come across 4,000 birds from 650 species and all continents and will have the opportunity to take part in many of the attractions at the Weltvogelpark Walsrode (World’s Bird Park).

The park belongs to the worldwide 10 zoos with the largest amount of different species and is considered as the biggest Bird Park in the world. The Weltvogelpark Walsrode with its 24 ha area is one of the largest and most beautiful parklands in Northern Germany. The breathtaking gardens change with the months and seasons and always provide new reasons to be amazed and enchanted.

Twice a day the spectacular flight shows take the visitors on a journey round the world. The visitors go salmon fishing with the bald eagle ‘Lady‘ in North America, experience the thermal of the South American Andes with the Andean Condor ‘Carlos’ and go snake hunting in the African savannahs with the secretary bird ‘Boots’. Get close to many exotic birds in Toowoomba, the paradise hall and in the 3,000 m² free flight hall or during the exciting hands-on feedings of the penguins, pelicans and others. This is where ­visitors experience fascinating birds


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<p>Children 4 - 12 Jahre: 17,50 €</p><p>Adults: 23,00 €</p><p>Familyticket (2 Adults/Grandparents, 2 Children/Grandchild): 72,25 €, every other Child: 8,75 €</p><p>Familyticket (1 Adult/Grandparent, 2 Children/Grandchild): 49,25 €, every other Child: 8,75 €</p><p>Seniors 60 Plus: 21,00 € (from 60 years and older, proof is provided by identity card control)</p><p>Students/pupils/trainees/unemployed up to 17 years: 19,00 € (proof is provided by certification)</p>


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